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PLA firber

WE supply QUALITY and PRICE-COMPETITIVE chemical filament fibers

Following the dramatic market change in recent years, we not only carries the entering industrial fabric market but also the upgrading products from general specification to specialization in functional and eco products. Trans-Pacific International carries numerous  makers with high reputation all over the world、including quality makers and price-competitive ones.

Trans-Pacific current products lines include more than 150 types of products、mainly for textile use or industrial use. Industrial use products can be further divided into nano woven、industrial fabrics、rope、filter、geotextile etc. Textile use products contain successfully developed micro fiber、and functional eco fiber type such as quick-dry fiber、anti-bacteria fiber、far infrared fiber、UV-cut fiber、fine hollow warmmax health related fiber、flame retardant fiber and Sorona PTT fiber solely authorized by US Dupont as well as the PLA eco fiber authorized by Natural work. The products above have been actively promoting in both domestic and overseas markets with positive feedbacks.

Enviromentally friendly new firber - PLA


PLA fiber has been an attractive newly developed sustainable ecological fiber、especially welcomed in Europe、North America and Japan. In addition to being thermoplastic、biodegradable、compostable、and produced from annually renewable resources. It shows mechanical behavior comparable to conventional Polyester and Nylon fibers.

隨著市場環境的急劇變化,為創造價值與區隔市場保持競爭優勢,環太織造化纖產品含跨單純衣著用途與工業用途領域,一方面包含了一般規格大眾化產品與差異化功能性、環保型產品。(POY、SDY、DTY、HDI 等)


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