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PLA firber

::: Flame Retardant Fiber :::  

Fire caused by fiber products is already an important disaster in society that poses a threat to human life、property and safety. To reduce the damage to life and property caused by fire、developing safe refuges and fireproof equipment for initial fire extinguishment have become indispensable. In particular、the basic measure for fire prevention is "the strategy of not causing fire." Combustible textiles will release harmful gas when burning、a hazard far greater than fireproof textiles. As a result、textiles with the fireproof effect、such as window curtains and carpets、have been applied in a large quantity like the places where buildings become the objects regulated by the law.



::: 難燃纖維 ::: 




::: Quick-Dry Fiber ::: 

In the dog days、one is easily bathed in sweat at every move. Damp、sticky and sultry、the quality of modern people's sports and leisure activity is often considerably affected. As a result、currently commercial products launched by each sports brand has been pouring time and effort on sweat drain and moisture absorption functions one after another. Fabrics with moisture and sweat drain effects、just like the elasticity effect、have become the basic requirements for each type of textile which is after new functions.


::: 吸濕排汗纖維 :::




::: Anti-Bacterial Fiber ::: 

In a high-temperature weather、a hotbed for breeding germs、while in our living environment there are many harmful bacteria hidden posing a threat to human health. On the premise of regarding personal hygiene and enhancing living quality、antiseptic & odor elimination textiles naturally become a requisite in our daily life. Moreover、applying antiseptic fibers to medical appliances is even the extreme embodiment of enhancing the added value. The next-to the-skin clothing such as underwear、underpants and socks、having been worn for a period of time,usually generates a foul mold odor. Such a smell mainly comes from the odor of ammonia which is produced by the bacteria decomposing the amino acid in the sweat from the human body. Consequently、restraining the growth of the bacteria can effectively prevent the smell from being produced.


::: 抗菌防霉纖維 :::




::: UV-Cut Fiber :::

In scorching hot summer people's demand for UV (ultra-viotlet)-cut clothes begins to grow tremendously. Clothes' UV-cut performance is determined by the fabric's shielding capability of ultra-violet rays whereas the fabric's UV-cut performance is determined by the UV-cut performance of the fibers which make up the fabric. Generally speaking、textiles themselves possess the UV shielding effect: the heavier the clothes、the better the fiber's UV-cut performance. However、summer dresses usually adopt lighter、thinner and paler fabrics、which the UV rays easily penetrate to hurt the skin. As a result、summer dress materials need to be done the UV-cut process. As the holes in the ozone layers on both poles of our Earth are getting more and more severe、the problem of the UV rays is gradually gaining more and more concern. In the future、adding UV-cut components to fabrics will be more and more popular. The UV-cut fiber Solarfree launched by the Far Eastern Textile Ltd. is a hi-tech fiber which can both make dress materials lighter and thinner、and provide them with the  UV-cut effect.


::: 紫外線纖維 :::










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